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The Work It Takes to Create Ampawa Coconut Milk

“Ampawa” was the first to design its packaging to use PET technology to ensure ease of use and storage while meeting the needs of consumers who seek convenience from cooking with instant coconut milk. We give enormous importance to best-in-class quality that is comparable to nature. Our shortest production process requires about 3 hours, and Ampawa coconut milk is pressed instantly as soon as the shell is open in order to best preserve the quality of coconut milk without using additives. This is why our product is like freshly pressed coconut milk, which we achieved through meticulous invention.

Modern cold aseptic filling technology is used to prevent contamination by germs.

  • All of these together ensure that our product is white, thick, aromatic and rich just like fresh coconut milk from the source to the final step before sealing the lid.
  • We protect the environment by using a waterless system and by making efficient use of renewable energy.

Rich & Creamy just Like Freshly Pressed


Because the surface is fully scraped before pressing, pure white coconut milk is obtained.


Pressed from premium quality coconut meat to produce coconut milk that is as thick as coconut cream.


Food is more aromatic from authentic natural coconut.


Oil will separate as soon as you cook it, so you can be sure it has a quality like freshly pressed coconut milk.

Benefits of Coconut Milk

It contains medium chain fatty acid

that is easy to digest and is metabolized into energy without accumulating as fat like large-molecule unsaturated fats.

It contains vitamin E

which is an antioxidant.

It contains lauric acid

which is has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and can prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

It contains no cholesterol or trans fats

. Because no partially hydrogenated oil is used as a component, there is no trans fatty acid.

It contains no lactose

which is the cause of lactose intolerance in dairy.

If you consume foods that contain an appropriate amount of coconut milk to meet your nutritional requirements and exercise appropriately, there can be many health benefits

Asiatic Agro Industry Co., Ltd.

We are a leader in comprehensive coconut production and a major exporter to over 80 countries across the globe and we use raw materials from the best natural cultivation sources in Thailand in order to obtain 100% pure coconut that is clean and meets quality standards while being researched and developed by experts in food science. Moreover, our product meets GMP, HACCP and ISO food production standards, etc.

From our expertise and attention to every step from raw material selection to production and export,