Ampawa Coconut Milk

“Ampawa 100% Coconut Milk” is the best-in-class made from a meticulous selection of the finest fresh kernels, using state-of-the-art technology to retain ultimate freshness and to yield the greatest taste of fresh natural coconut in a pure white, rich and creamy concentration, just like fresh coconut milk – an essential ingredient which is used to enhance any recipe from savory to sweet for those who love to cook and the culinary professionals

Coconut Milk 100% 250 ml.
Coconut Milk 100% 500 ml.
Coconut Milk 100% 1000 ml.
Coconut Milk 100% 1000 ml.
Coconut Milk 100% 2900ml.
Coconut Milk 100% 400ml.

Rich & Creamy Just Like Freshly Pressed


Because the surface is fully scraped before pressing, pure white coconut milk is obtained.


Pressed from premium quality coconut meat to produce coconut milk that is as thick as coconut cream.


Food is more aromatic from authentic natural coconut.


Oil will separate as soon as you cook it, so you can be sure it has a quality like freshly pressed coconut milk.